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Consulting and training
for your clinical development

About us

EMF Consulting, as part of PhinC Development Group, provides services and trainings in clinical development promoting the use of Modeling & Simulation from phase I to IV.

Who are we?

EMF Consulting is a PhinC Development company which provides drug development services, especially related to study design, analysis and development planning.

Our aim is to facilitate the use of Modeling & Simulation techniques by the pharmaceutical industry, in order to bring the best products to market more quickly and effectively.

We offer a range of consulting services as members of a product team, we also offer  expertise in the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of phase I to IV studies. Our range of service covers also the data sciences logistics, compliance and quality areas, writing of regulatory document and training of clinical development teams.


In 2000, Eliane Fuseau created EMF Consulting as a pioneer population PKPD services company. It appears that EMF was one of the first services company in the field of pharmacometrics applied to clinical development, in Europe. The years passing, EMF Consulting acquires a strong reputation in drug development area in many countries around the world.

Since 2012, EMF is part of PhinC Development Group sharing knowledge and competences to provide clients complete and efficient services in a fully integrated relationship.

Our M&S specialists

Our PK/PD consultants were project leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, responsible for bringing new drug into clinical development and finally to market.

We are specialist pharmacokineticists with considerable experience in PK/PD modeling, clinical trial simulation and importantly, integration of these new techniques into efficient drug development plans.

Quality assurance and quality control consultants are scientists dedicated to provide tools to manage activity through an integrated quality system. Over the years, they have developed an efficient set of standard operating procedures and working practices often used now by our PK/PD modeling clients.