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3 - Supporting the recommended paediatric dosing regimen for rufinamide using clinical trial simulation   PAGE2007 Copenhaguen  Mathilde Marchand, Eliane Fuseau, David Critchley

4 - Elimination of anti-epileptic compounds in Marseille aquatic environment from private hospital effluent - modelling versus measurements    PAGE2007 Copenhaguen  C.Crepin, E.Fuseau, M.Portugal, D.Humiler

5 - Selection of a dosing regimen with WST11 by Monte Carlo simulations, using PK data collected after single IV administration in healthy subjects and population PK modelling   PAGE2007 Copenhaguen  M.A. Fabre, E. Fuseau, Ficheux.

6 - Population pharmacokinetic analysis in children, adolescents and adults with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder   PAGE2007 Copenhaguen  M.A. Fabre, E. Fuseau, A. Vermeulen, A. Thyssen.

7 - Pooled PK analysis of a new CNS drug, in healthy subjects.    PAGE2007 Copenhaguen  M. Vernaz-Gris, E. Fuseau, L. Del Frari, V. Brunner, P. Hermann

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