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Consulting and training
for your clinical development

Consulting on clinical development

From a product profile, we define initial plans to streamline the development of new chemical entities, build and update a model of drug response from pre-clinical studies as new data and information are collected. Using modeling (and simulation, we help our clients design the optimal first-time-in-man study and the best phase I package before starting patients’ studies.

After a proof-of-concept has been obtained, the phase II and III programs are revised for optimal design, using state-of-the art techniques in PK/PD Modeling & Simulation. As early as in phase II, health economic data provide insight into the market positioning, as well as better define the real dose-exposure response in the target population.

PhinC Development Group style is :

  • To work in partnership with our clients
  • To strive to transfer the technology to our clients
  • To respect timelines
  • To continuously explore science and develop effective solutions
  • To contribute in building the product label and prepare regulatory documents


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